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The management team at Heartland understands that you are constantly striving to strike a balance between achieving the highest quality, and delivering services at the least cost,...the balance between reducing your overhead, while still maintaining control,...and the balance between being ready to achieve a fast turnaround, without keeping portions of your staff allocated to the unforseen.

Heartland's vision is to:

Assure quality construction and maintenance services by exclusively utilizing company-owned resources to perform all work. You are assured that our efficiencies result in consistent, managed, cost-effective services for you.

"Due to the nature of our business we require our service calls to be handled efficiently and economically, Heartland Building has proven to be superior in both aspects."

    James Fleming

    Contract Administrator

    Rite Aid Corporation

Reduce the administrative burden on the maintenance departments of retail chains in the coordination of the range of tasks they perform by managing every element of the maintenance program, consolidating the billing to a single point, and increasing control through the vast information provided by Heartland's Job Control System.

Develop strong and lasting partnerships with our clients by providing regional service facilities everywhere they are to be able to serve each client's unforseen needs with the fastest turnaround possible.