The Great Northeast Power Blackout of 2003

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When other people were wondering what happened to the lights, Heartland Building was locating, and driving to our dry ice distributors, to prepare for the calls from our clients.  By the time we received our first call, from one of our clients, that their stores were down and product would be going bad, our trucks were already being loaded up with dry ice, at the distribution plants.  We began distributing the dry ice to locations, within two hours of the blackout's beginning.  To expedite the delivery of the dry ice into New York City, Heartland worked hand and hand with A&P Supermarkets, and they gave us two tractor trailers to move freely within the city.  Heartland opened an emergency dry ice distribution location, in the center of New York City, at a Food Emporium location.  Heartland distributed over 120 tons of dry ice, to over 60 locations of Waldbaums, Food Emporium, Stop & Shop and A&P in NY, NJ and CT within a 24 hour period. Estimates of savings per store, were at $300,000, totaling an estimated savings of $18,000,000, for all stores combined.   

Before and after the Blackout