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The Target Corporation began a working relationship with Heartland Building Company in 2000. We began servicing their stores on a smaller scale of 10 locations, mainly focused on interior floor repairs, and emergency plumbing services, in the central New Jersey region.  Heartland Building received 11 service calls, within the first month of service.

During the year 2001, Heartland Building was awarded the Einstein program contract throughout the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania areas. The Einstein program, was a two phase program, that was created to improve the power to their coolers on the sales floor, because they were creating power overloads.  The first phase was to install an upgraded 75 KVA transformer, in over 110 locations throughout the area. The first phase was completed within the three month schedule that was provided.  The second phase was the installation of the power to all of the coolers, in all of the locations to prevent further overloads,  Heartland completed phase two within the three month schedule, and under budget on both phases.  

Today, Heartland Building provides service to over 90 locations in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania region.  We receive over 45 service calls a month from these locations.

"Your company has impressed me with their professionalism, quality of work, and resourcefulness.  You have been instrumental with supporting my stores during times of crisis.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for all the hard work you and your team has done for our stores in the northeast.

   Jim Francis

   Building Service Area