Rite Aid Pharmacy

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Rite Aid Corporation began a working relationship with Heartland Building Company in 1996.  We began by servicing three separate locations in northern New Jersey that had ceiling issues. Rite Aid requested proposals to repair the existing ceiling grids, and replace all ceiling tiles throughout the store.  One week later we were awarded all three jobs by Rite Aid.  We completed all three jobs within three days of receiving the bid approval.  We replaced over thirty thousand square feet of ceiling tiles within that short time period.  Less then one month later we were supplying Rite Aid general maintenance, to both their interior and exterior of over 70 locations in the northern New Jersey area.

In 1999, Rite Aid requested a proposal from Heartland to install new dedicated lines, to be installed in one specific location for their new Oil of Olay lighted display, that was being installed in every location.  We were awarded the contract, and installed the dedicated line in over 200 locations in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We followed a very demanding four week schedule, given to us by Rite Aid, as they requested and completed the project on time and under budget.

In 2001, Rite Aid contracted Heartland to install new wiring to their CCD system, which when completed, would give them control of all of their locations from a central office.  We were contracted out, to complete over 500 locations in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware areas.  The job consisted of running a new phone line from the phone system to the modem in the CCD program.  The challenging part was that the distance between the two in each store ranged from three feet to over fifty feet. Given a two month deadline, Heartland was able to complete the program ahead of schedule and on budget.   

Over the past seventeen years, Heartland has kept an excellent record with Rite Aid.  The business relationship has grown from servicing the New York/New Jersey region, to now also servicing Pennsylvania and West Virginia with a combined total of Rite Aid locations in our service area over 700.

"Your quick response and attention to detail has made my job much easier. When I send a maintenance request to you I know it will be completed in a timely manner with a keen eye for detail."

   Robert Hoffman

   Facility Administrator

   Rite Aid Corp