Pizza Hut

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The Pizza Hut Corporation began a working relationship with Heartland Building Company in 2003.  We began servicing 10 locations in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  We began with large scale jobs, on the exterior of the buildings, consisting of roofing repairs, gutter replacements, and exteriors of the stores consisting of general maintenance.

On many occasions Pizza Hut needed equipment moved from stores, and even old equipment replaced.  We had to make sure that any equipment that we had to install or relocate, had to be fully operational one hour before the store opened.  That usually means we had to schedule everything with the store manager, so that they will have someone at the store during the time we needed to get in.  Once we got into the location, we have to move at a high pace to keep the downtime of the equipment to a minimum, and the inconvenience of the store at a minimum.  Overall our equipment installs ran without flaw, and within the scheduled time that was given.

Today we service Pizza Hut throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania, with an average of 38 calls coming in a month.