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The McDonalds Corporation began a working relationship with Heartland Building Company in 2001.  We began by servicing corporate locations totaling 3 in the central New Jersey region, receiving 11 service calls within the first month.  Our initial calls were emergency calls, ranging from main sewer backups, to removal of ice from a location.

In 2002, McDonalds were coming out with their "Dollar Menu" program.  Heartland Building was awarded the contract, to install the signage introducing the program on their corporate stores, in the New Jersey Region totaling over 20 locations.  Heartland Building completed all installations, within a three day schedule.

Today, Heartland services not only over 40 of their corporate locations, but also works together with franchisees, that own McDonalds locations throughout New Jersey.

Because of our outstanding track record with McDonalds, with regards to our maintenance program.  Heartland Building has been awarded multiple renovations/retrofit/groundouts, that have totaled 8 stores, totaling over 30,000 square feet, and over 2.5 million dollars in construction.