Hurricane Isabel

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August 2003, before, during, and after hurricane Isabel, Heartland mobilized quickly, to minimize damage to our customer's stores.  In preparation for the hurricane, Heartland Building readied 24 generators, that would have the ability to supply power to a 15,000 Sq Ft store.  Before the hurricane hit land, we were able to board up all exposed stores along the southern coast of NJ.  Sandbags were also supplied, to stores in low lying areas in case of flooding.  During the storm, we strategically staged work crews in close proximity to the areas along the coast, to gain access to the stores, in case of flooding or severe damage.  


Following the storm, we cleaned up all NJ area stores within the day.  Later that day, we received a call from CVS Pharmacy, that they were in desperate need of our generators in Virginia/DC area.  That afternoon, we were able to truck all of our generators down, get electricians and mechanics mobilized in the areas needed, and began connecting stores as needed, throughout the areas.  As power came on some in areas, generators would be disconnected, and moved to store still without power,  After one week, all of the stores within the region were up and operational.  CVS Pharmacies were open when no other store were, raising their sales significantly, and reinforcing their brand and image, in all of the communities they serve.