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CVS Pharmacy began a work relationship with Heartland Building Company in August of 2003. We rolled out a maintenance program to service over 500 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania from the first day. During the first month we received over 100 service calls within both states. Our service calls were general maintenance calls on both the interior and exterior of the locations.

At the end of September 2003, was when Hurricane Isabel struck the east coast. Days before the hurricane hit after tracking the path of the hurricane to the southern tip of New Jersey, CVS had us board up their coastal stores for precautionary reasons. We performed this on 26 different locations lining the New Jersey coastal area. During the storm, we strategically installed crews in close proximity to the areas along the coast, to gain access to the stores in case of flooding or severe damage.

After the storm, we cleaned up all areas within New Jersey within the next day. Later that day, we received a call from CVS Pharmacy that they were in desperate need of our generators in Virginia/Washington DC area. That afternoon we were able to truck down all of our generators, get electricians and mechanics mobilized to the areas needed, and began connecting stores as needed throughout the areas.  As power came on in areas, the generators would be disconnected and moved to stores still without power.  After one week, all of the stores within the region were up and operational.  CVS Pharmacies were open when no other stores were, which raised their sales significantly and also gave them a big boost in all of the communities they were in.  

"Heartland Building Company is a solid performer with unbounded potential because their primary focus is customer satisfaction. Their reduced labor rates and commitment to evolve based on the needs of their clients make them a smart business decision to service multiple CVS regions. We are extremely pleased with their performance to date!!"


   Robert Bensinger

   Regional Facilities Manager

   Pennsylvania and New

   Jersey - CVS Pharmacy 

After excelling in our services to CVS, they gave us the opportunity to service other areas of the country for them.  We now service all locations in New York City and all store locations in West Virginia totaling over 650 locations within our service area.  CVS today averages over 350 service calls per month.