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The 7-Eleven Corporation began a working relationship with Heartland Building Company in 1993. We began servicing their stores on a smaller scale of 30 locations mainly focused on asphalt repair work, Today, we have grown to servicing over 300 locations in the Metro area with performing all forms of general maintenance both interior and exterior.

When 7-Eleven made the transition to an I.V.R system, Heartland was chosen as one of the four contractors nationwide to test the new system since our company was known to be technologically advanced. The test was a success and 7-Eleven's I.V.R. system is now in full usage throughout the nation.

When 7-Eleven began trading on the stock market on July 11th 2000, Heartland was asked to set up the celebration area on Wall Street. We had to deliver over 6 truckloads of equipment, ranging from Slurpee machines to hotdog rollers, get the entire area set up, then after the celebration had ended, we had to disconnect all equipment, clean up the entire area and deliver the equipment back to 7-Eleven. On July 11th 2001, they again celebrated their 1st year on the stock market, by holding another celebration in the same location. We again were asked to complete the setup, and later the removal of all equipment, to which we completed without any incident.  During both celebrations, the 7-Eleven Corporation served free food, beverages, and had free giveaways to tens of thousands of people.

7-Eleven also has us completing a preventative maintenance program that they created for their stores. During this service, our technician completes a checklist that is supplied by 7-Eleven complete with pictures, a checklist of what service was completed, and also a checklist of other services that would be needed. They have been running this program for over 5 years now, to a great savings for their company. 

"Heartland Building Company has shown that it can deliver a quality service to our 7-Eleven stores in the northeast. Your employees have done an outstanding job working with our operations, people, and our franchise owners to help them achieve their goals."


   Rich Warshany

   Maintenance Supervisor

   7-Eleven Corporation